Named in honor of an Italian medieval saint, San Francisco has certainly been blessed. Idyllically situated on a peninsula, the city boasts expansive parks, photogenic cityscapes and fascinating attractions. And when the sun sets, it’s time to appreciate the city’s artistic output in one of the many performance venues. Enjoy it all on a San Francisco getaway.

In 1846 the United States claimed California during the Mexico-American War and renamed Yerba Buena as San Francisco in 1847. The California gold rush swelled the population, which generated significant wealth for the city. The first cable cars were installed in 1873 and impressive Victorian houses dotted the cityscape. Interestingly, the famous Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937 during the Great Depression. Today San Francisco is a thriving melting pot of cosmopolitan chic, a major destination for visitors keen to bask in the glow of the golden gates.

San Francisco is a year around destination for visitors. In summer, temperatures peak at around 70 degrees, while in winter the mercury rises on average to about 57 degrees. Summers are however considerably drier with the bulk of rain falling between January and March.

The city hosts a dizzying array of events and festivals including the San Francisco International Film Festival, the Fringe Festival and the San Francisco Blues Festival. San Francisco is also a hot bed of creative talent. World famous companies include the San Francisco Ballet, the San Francisco Opera and the San Francisco Symphony. A visit to the city isn’t complete without enjoying the unique San Francisco artistic expression.