The City of Angels is blessed with glorious sunshine radiating with cherubic brightness. This is the land of movie magic where aspirants converge to fulfil their American dream. Settle into the excitement and appreciate one of the foremost city destinations on your Los Angeles holiday.

Los Angeles, together with the rest of California, became part of the United States in 1848. When railroads were laid several decades later, the city’s population began to swell and the discovery of oil generated wealth. The city became a center of oil production in the early twentieth century. Movie makers were also attracted to the west coast climate and established the city as their base. Today Los Angeles is the second most populous city in America, after New York. The city epitomizes the American dream and welcomes visitors keen to explore the various neighborhoods that together make Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a year round destination. In winter the temperatures average a very comfortable 68 degrees, while in summer the mercury averages 84 degrees during the day. While rain is more common in winter, the sun still shines about 72 per cent of the time.

Los Angeles plays host to dozens of events throughout the year including the Newport Harbor Christmas Boat Parade, the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire, The Eagle Rock Music Festival and the Carnevale Masquerade Party.