From arctic tundra to windswept prairies, and snow-capped mountains to rolling surf, Canada is breathtaking in its natural beauty and vast in its scope. From Newfoundland in the east to the Pacific province of British Columbia, and from the arctic outback of Nunavut to southern Ontario and the famous Niagara Falls, there’s no denying Canada is one of the world’s most thrilling destinations.

Canada is a narrative begun by native tribes, shaped by pioneers and enriched by waves of migration. A year-round attraction where pristine wilderness is complemented by vibrant multicultural cities. It’s a country where you’re just as likely to hear any number of tongues spoken alongside the official languages of French and English and multiple festivals celebrate the diversity of its people. Cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary are destinations in their own right, each with their own distinct flavor.

What Canadians do have in common is a love of the outdoors, and who could blame them with such riches at their doorstep? The Canadian Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia offer unrivalled skiing opportunities, while come summer, Lake Louise holds a mirror to the pristine surrounds. Venture to Prince Edward Island and the world of Anne of Green Gables – it’s just one chapter in the epic story of Canada.