Trek through verdant jungles to ancient temples, relax on a beach overlooking the Caribbean, boogie to the latest beats in a trendy club or savor an enchilada in a small colonial town. Mexico offers a vast array of experiences to eager visitors keen to explore the fascinating blend of modern Mexican culture. So brush off the sombrero and let the locals greet you with a warm, ‘Hola Amigo,’ on your Mexican holiday.

Noted for incredible accomplishments in the fields of mathematics, artistry, medicine, architecture and engineering, pre-Columbian civilizations flourished throughout Mexico from around 2000 BCE with many reaching their peak between 250 and 900 CE. In 1519, Hernán Cortés claimed what is now modern Mexico for Spain, a conquest that would last for three centuries. Mexico declared its independence in September 1810. Today Mexico proudly promotes its indigenous legacy, offers beautiful beaches for oceanic pastimes and allows effortless exploration of Spanish colonial towns boasting beautiful architecture.

The climate of Mexico varies throughout the country with altitude being a key factor. The coastal areas at sea level generally enjoy a tropical weather system; hot and humid. On the other hand, inland regions such as Mexico City, that sit at an altitude of 7,500 feet, experience much milder temperatures. May is the hottest month in the capital with the mercury climbing to around 80 degrees. The rainy season lasts from June to September in Mexico City.

Across the country there are dozens of festivals and events celebrated throughout the year including the Cancun International Film Festival, Vive Latino Rock Festival in Mexico City and the Taste of Oaxaca, a food and drink festival in October. Both Cancun and Acapulco roll out the red carpet for University students for spring break.