Despite its undeniable position as one of the world’s largest economic powers, China’s traditions and history stand strong amongst considerable western influence. A country of dramatic diversity and an age-old culture, very few countries come close to China’s awe-inspiring scale. Take a China holiday and experience the wonder today.

China is home to one of the world’s oldest and most progressive civilizations. For years the country paved the way with innovative inventions and new research. Over the years China has had numerous capital cities and has come under rule by a range of dynasties. Today the capital is the modern city of Beijing and the country is ruled by the Communist Party of China. Other large cities in China include Shanghai, located on the east coast and Guangzhou, found in the south. Outside the cities and within the countryside, China is incredibly diverse. Not only are there over 50 officially recognized ethnic groups living in China, but customs and traditions often vary from region to region.

Much like its population, the weather in China is incredibly varied. Generally speaking the more north you go, the colder and drier it gets. Northern China does experience hot summers but its winters are particularly chilly. Southern China has more of a tropical climate. During April and May, southern parts of China often experience monsoonal weather while North China receives the majority of its rain in July and August.

In January or February, depending on the Chinese calendar, the country celebrates Chinese New Year. This event spans 15 days and is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. On the 15th day of the New Year celebration, the Spring Lantern Festival takes place which features spectacular lantern parades. Double Tenth Day is another significant event in which the country celebrates the national day of the Republic of China.

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