Bali is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations thanks to its enchanting culture and beautiful landscape. The island is a rich tapestry of rice paddies, surf swells, soaring volcanoes, forest treks, buzzing nightlife, lively festivals and spiritual ceremonies. Experience it all on a Bali holiday.

Bali has an average year round temperature of 88 degrees due to its close proximity to the equator. From April to October Bali enjoys a dry season while from October to March the wet season brings humid and hot weather. Despite the seasons, it is quite common for Bali to experience rain all year round and even in the wet season the rain doesn’t usually last long. Bali’s hot weather is at its peak during the middle of the day in the wet season. There is little need for air-conditioning however as afternoons usually experience cool breezes, particularly near the water.

Bali is a popular tourist destination all year round. It’s peak holiday season is during the months of July, August and September which coincides with the dry season and school vacation for Australia and New Zealand. In addition to these months, March through to June also make for good travel times as the weather is still great for beach swimming.

Celebrating life and religion is a significant part of Balinese culture. The country’s most significant annual event is Galungan which celebrates the creation of the world. This momentous event takes place during the 11th week of the 210th day in the Balinese calendar and sees locals enjoy a day of feasting with family, friends and neighbors while dressed in their finest attire. Another significant celebration that visitors are welcome to take part in is the Rice Harvest Festival which occurs throughout May and June. The festival marks the end of the harvest season and sees locals cook regional cuisine in honor of the rice god Dewi Sri. A range of activities including the Negara Bull Races take place during the festival.