Basking in year round sunshine and surrounded by crystal clear waters, the Maldives is made up of a series of coral islands isolated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This secluded tropical paradise boasts the ultimate island holiday, combining unspoiled beaches with luxurious amenities.

Thanks to its proximity to the equator, the Maldives is subject to a monsoonal climate. In central areas the average minimum temperature is a warm 78 degrees. The wet season runs from mid-May to November where during this time, torrential rain occurs. January to March is the dry season which sees the Maldives reach its maximum temperature.

Tourists tend to flock to the Maldives from November through to April during the dry season and while most of the northern hemisphere is experiencing winter. It’s recommended to book accommodation well in advance for travel during this peak period. Swimming, surfing and snorkeling is good in the Maldives all year round, although reef visibility is clearer on the western side of the islands from May to November and from the eastern side during December to April.

Maldives calendar events that are well worth experiencing include Hay Festival in October which celebrates Maldivian culture and Independence Day in July which includes national parades and performances. Travel during the Islamic month of Ramadan isn’t ideal as restaurants in the county’s capital Malé and other inhabited islands are closed during this time.