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Uniquely Barbados

Oct 25, 2018

Barbados boasts a backdrop of pure island paradise, and with unique sites, activities, and history, it’s truly one-of-a-kind. From cave and diving adventures, to rum tastings in distilleries that are hundreds of years old, to world-class polo and unrivaled culinary experiences, Barbados lifts the island experience to new heights.

Boasting more than 70 miles of sun-splashed, palm-studded beaches and a year-round optimal climate, Barbados is the definition of tropical paradise. The west coast of the island features calm waters and white-sand beaches ideal for lounging back with a rum punch and taking a dip to cool off. Along the eastern coast, soothing trade winds help create one of the best surfing spots in the world, with perfect waves to take for a ride. To the south, enjoy impeccable snorkeling opportunities in reef-protected water. No matter where you head to on the island, you’ll find way more than just paradise conditions. Enjoy true luxury accommodations and endless activities that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

First off, you will want to run for the rum. This is the birthplace of this particular spirit, so it’s no surprise that Barbados is a hotspot for some of the world’s best tasting and world-renowned rum, usually enjoyed in distilleries (and even age-old Abbeys) that surround you in history.

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Mount Gay Distilleries is home to the world’s oldest rum, dating back to 1703, so rum really courses through the culture. Discover the history and some secrets to rum production when on the island, and be sure to book a Barbados rum tour.

The Barbados Food and Rum Festival is another way to get in the spirit of the island, mixing the island’s gastronomic prowess (the island, among all of the other superlatives, is considered the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean), with its delicious rum. 2018’s event recently transpired, in late October, but it is worth looking into setting up a trip to attend next year’s. The festival puts the best of the best in cuisine and cocktails centerstage, featuring some of the island’s top chefs and mixologists. In true Barbadian fashion, this year’s festival concluded with a thrilling game of polo, with cocktails and canapés offered to the well-dressed attendees at the all-inclusive closing act at Holder’s Polo Club.

If exploring totally on your own is more your speed, world-class restaurants and legendary spots for a quick snack line the island, making it a true culinary haven. Probably the most heralded, and #1 restaurant in Barbados according to Eater, is the Restaurant at Animal Flower Cave, situated at the most northerly point of the island, offering delectable cuisine and even better views out to sea. Classic fish fry restaurants, seafood specialties, chutney, and everything in between are offered in spectacular settings creating a culinary experience unrivaled in the Caribbean and even beyond.

World-class rum, gastronomy, beaches, luxury properties, and a culture that is as unique as it is fun, Barbados can take you from top-notch polo to top-notch cuisine in no time, all with immaculate beaches waiting for your return.

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