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The Dominican Republic Literally Has It All

Nov 09, 2018

The breadth of activities, sites, beaches, and – of course – luxury resorts in the Dominican Republic makes it a unique island with endless things to do. Their claim to fame is definitely way more than just a slogan.

Enjoy it all on island time in the second largest and most diverse Caribbean country. Known for its kind people and endless white sand beaches, the Dominican Republic also offers lush and majestic nature, fascinating history, and a rich culture.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the north side and the Caribbean Sea on the south, the island boasts nearly an astounding 1,000 miles of coastline, 250 of which is considered some of the world’s top beaches. Luxury stretches along these coastlines, as well as a variety of sports, entertainment options, and exquisite dining.

Make your Dominican Republic getaway diverse by taking part in cultural activities and excursions while staying in total luxury – here you can go zip-lining, beach-bumming, and dancing all in the same day with evolving and fresh cuisine throughout the long list of properties that call this island home.

Ecotourism adventures to national parks, mountain ranges, and rivers are another great way to see the true beauty of the island, while explorations of ancient relics and historical sites showcase another side of the Dominican Republic that many travelers aren’t aware of. Discovered in 1492 by none other than Christopher Columbus, the country’s history is enlightening. Visitors can explore this side of the Dominican Republic by checking out museums and taking part in cultural experiences like music and art festivals. Local delicacies are also a must-try, from cigars, rum, chocolate, and coffee. 

The Dominican Republic is also a top Caribbean destination for an ideal luxury golf getaway. Twenty-five stunning golf courses sprawl out amidst breathtaking scenery with holes that hug the coastline. And with world-class luxury at every turn, the island is also a favorite spot for weddings and honeymoons. The endlessly friendly staff and people at the state-of-the-art resorts heighten group travel experiences that much more and reflect the upbeat vibe of the island.

So when they say they have it all, it’s more than a slogan. They mean it. And the island is all yours to explore. 

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