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One Grand Beach After Another

Nov 15, 2018

Turks and Caicos is comprised of several islands, which means several beaches. Though the island of Providenciales steals the show (boasting Grace Bay Beach, arguably the best in the world), there are endless options when seeking a beach to relax on, to hang with loved ones, or to get active with water sports in the crystal-clear water. Best of all, you’ll find premier beachfront accommodations on Turks and Caicos, where luxury is lifted to new heights.

Grace Bay Beach

The heart of Providenciales, this iconic beach is literally world-renowned, stacking up awards and recognition from a range of accredited sources, yet it still retains its hideaway beauty and remains – even with the greatest number of luxury resorts and visitors – peaceably calm and relaxing.

Perfect see-through water, white sand beachfront, and zero rocks or seaweed makes this beach seem utterly uncluttered and totally immaculate – because it literally is. A barrier reef can be found about a mile out, which is great for diving or snorkeling with a lift from a boat cruise. Part of the Princess Alexandra National Park, the beach is protected and cared for intently.

Leeward Beach

Also on Providenciales, this beach is also heralded as a natural masterpiece. Surrounding an upscale area, the same level of luxury can be expected here, and quite a similar stunning beach. The perfect white-sands stretch out for great distances here, making it an ideal beach for a long walk or jog. Less developed than Grace Bay Beach, it is in theory quieter and more secluded, though visitors to Grace Bay who want a high level of luxury with a high level of privacy, quiet, and seclusion won’t go wrong either. Also part of Princess Alexandra National Park, it is environmentally protected.

Incredibly gorgeous, this beach also offers up ultra-stunning views, including the coastline of Grace Bay Beach where luxury properties dot the shore. Other views of note at this beach include the Rock Iguana sanctuary and the Blue Haven Marina, which is usually brimming with extravagant yachts. The ocean water in this region also tends to turn an almost luminescent turquoise color depending on the swell, something remarkably unique and breathtaking to see.

The Bight Beach

Also on stunning Providenciales, this marvelous beach features calm waters, soothing trade winds, and a very wide space of white-sand. Many luxury resorts and villas claim this to actually be Grace Bay; Bight Beach is so nice that it might as well be synonymous with that more famous beach nearby.

The Bight Reef and Smith’s Reef corals distinguish this beach, however, from the others, a collection of corals and lush sea grass with a plentitude of marine life, from turtles to sting rays. Excellent snorkeling conditions make the waters at Bight Beach great for exploring.

Governor’s Beach

Moving away from Providenciales, this beach on Grand Turk Island is called so because the governor’s mansion is located just a short distance from the beach. A wide beach with classic Turks & Caicos water and powdery sands (in fact, one can argue that the sand found here is as soft as sand can get), the area is somewhat bustling with cruise ship visitors and beach vendors selling souvenirs, so this is a great beach for anyone looking to mingle with others and to get your hands on something to bring back home.

Mudjin Harbor

For a real wildcard, this beach is truly unique, situated on Middle Caicos Island. A fascinating landscape, limestone cliffs reach up and are set against immaculate beachfront real estate, featuring overlooks with unbelievable views, stunning nature, and caves. The historical Crossing Place Trail takes visitors along hills, to steep precipices, and to the beaches.

Great for swimming and snorkeling, the area is a unique spot with unique things to see, from wildlife to the natural surroundings. Fascinating caves are also an ideal way to get some shade after long stretches of time in the hot sun.

All the beaches in Turks and Caicos are public and free to access – so go as you please into the epitome of paradise. Contact a Travel Advisor to get started on your Turks and Caicos luxury vacation. 

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