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Must See Sights in Nassau, Bahamas

Sep 30, 2019

Besides boasting immaculate beaches, Nassau, Bahamas offers a range of activities and places to visit that are both architecturally beautiful and rich in history.

Fort Charlotte

At 100 acres, this is the largest fort on the island, located one mile west of downtown Nassau, sitting on a hill overlooking the far west end of the harbor. Impressive views of Paradise Island are an extra perk of visiting this historical gem. Built in 1788 by Lord Dunmore, the fort was named after King George III’s wife, Queen Saharia Charlotte. The fort features a moat, dungeons, underground passageways, and 42 cannons, which have never been fired in any war.

Touring this space will include period-dressed characters who will exhibit basket-weaving techniques, plus you can see kitchen utensils used over 250 years ago, culminating with the firing of the cannon at noon.

Nassau Public Library Reading Room & Museum

Constructed between 1798 and 1799 as the country’s very first prison, this octagon-shaped building was converted to a library and museum in 1879.

Take a stroll through and uncover the history of The Bahamas and hear the stories and tall tales that go back centuries. This is a must-see for local Arawak artifacts, collections of historic prints, and a variety of colonial documents and newspapers.

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral was the first church build in the islands in 1670, considered the “Mother Church” of all the Anglican churches of not only The Bahamas, but also Turks and Caicos.

Beautifully constructed, the church stands as a reminder of religious freedom which was established in The Bahamas as early as the construction of the church itself, during the reign of King Charles II. To this day, mass is held every day, giving locals and visitors a chance to worship together. Whatever your affiliation, the historical significance makes this a monumental stop in paradise!

The Queen’s Staircase

Also known as “The 66 Steps,” this major historical site – the steps were hand carved by slaves in the late 1700s – they also happen to be remarkable to look at. The stairs transport visitors from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of downtown Nassau to this site that demands silence and awe – a symbol for perseverance and inner strength.

Junkanoo Beach

We have to put at least one beach on this list. You can’t leave Nassau without paying a visit to this amazing beach, the perfect place to unwind with stunning views. Instagram worthy photos are for the taking – powdered white sands, crystal clear waters, paradise for miles. Grab a refreshing drink from one of the local vendors and take it all in.

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