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Island Luxury in Thailand

May 16, 2019

Known for its mega metropolises and its fascinating history, Thailand attracts the most discerning travelers looking for the best in cuisine, historical sites, vibrant culture, and more. But its impressive beaches and seaside luxury should also not be missed.

Anantara and AVANI Resorts in Thailand pair pure luxury with an elevated beach experience. With gorgeous properties and beaches on the islands of Phuket, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui, they exceed expectations and create lasting beach experiences that you didn’t even know were possible.


Anantara Layan

This luxury beachfront resort overlooking the stunning Andaman Sea provides guests unrivaled privacy. It’s a true hideaway oasis situated on a lush hillside improbably overlooking powdery white sands. Sprawling residences for families make it easy to go in groups, and luxurious pool villas create a romantic atmosphere in a unique paradise. Unwind at one of the finest luxury hotels in Phuket and be sure to take advantage of heightened spa experiences.

Thirty rooms and suites, 47 pool villas, and 15 pool residences make up the property, with authentic Thai cuisine offered in the immaculate setting of the Dee Plee restaurant. Beachside snacks and cocktails round out the full experience, and Thai cooking classes let you bring some skills home with you.

Plus, guests here can enjoy island day trips for an extra dose of beach paradise; the Andaman Sea is dotted with glorious islands, including pristine Phi Phi. Snorkel, swim, do some beach yoga, or just lie back – you’ll see that Thailand’s natural paradises are truly unbelievable.

Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas

Another great experience in Phuket by Anantara is this villa oasis. Situated at the northern tip of the island, this getaway boasts an incredibly long stretch of golden beach, set against a lush national park. It’s truly stunning beyond comprehension. The pool villas are strategically clustered around a lagoon in a Southern Thai style, offering guests ultimate privacy.

Pool Pavilions are in a more tropical style and are set in the quiet Anantara Vacation Club section. These spaces ease guests into enjoying a seamless stay with spacious outdoor and indoor areas, featuring two or three bedrooms and a Villa Host service.

Besides the incomparable accommodations, the property is just 15 minutes from Phuket International Airport, and it is home to the award-winning Anantara Spa. Charter a private yacht for the day, rise to yoga on the beach at dawn, and be sure to have some fun at the M Beach Club; this laid-back beach haven is set on the powdery sands of Mai Khao Beach and features innovative cocktails, master DJs, and a 2nd floor overlooking the endless Andaman Sea.

Koh Phangan

Anantara Rasanada Koh Phangan Villas

On Koh Phangan – a small island in the breathtaking Gulf of Thailand – you’ll really feel like you’re in a secret paradise. This barefoot luxury hotel boasts large villas with glittering bay views, island experiences, a range of fine dining cuisine, and a beach that redefines island time.

Sixty-four pool suites and pool villas are ideal for a romantic retreat, set amongst towering palms and the clear water of the Gulf of Thailand. The beachfront villas are the stuff of dreams, set on one of the best beaches in all of Thailand. If you need more reason to hang by the beach, the beachside dining package enhances your stay, offering a delectable 3-course meal by the ocean, plus a la carte lunch or dinner every day at the Bistro @ the Beach.

Here guests can also enjoy the Angthong Marine National Park trip, a speedboat adventure that lets you marvel at the 40 beautiful islands that make up the protected nature reserve in the Gulf of Thailand. Enjoy a dip off Koh Wao, snorkel, kayak, and enjoy the soft white sand.

Koh Samui

AVANI+ Samui Resort

Just south of Koh Phangan, Koh Samui is another island paradise perfect for a luxury beach vacation. One of the leading Koh Samui resorts, AVANI+ Samui is a stylish and boutique setting tailored to you.

Just 58 chic rooms and pool villas feature private balcony and stunning sunset views. Signature spa experiences and diverse fitness activities are all offered in stunning settings. And it’s the great outdoors that truly stuns – unmatched golden sands, sunny skies, and crystal-clear water will keep you out and about.

Go on an island-hopping adventure to visit unspoiled beaches; try water sports in surroundings you’ll find nowhere else in the world; follow the path of an expert guide on a jungle trekking adventure, where you’ll delve deep into a lush, green paradise and get to enjoy some of the best views out onto the other side of Samui.

This resort also features a true farm-to-table dining experience at Essence with Chef Kien Wagner. Every day, he begins with a trip to the market to pick out the best fruit, vegetables, herbs, and fish to bring to this gastro haven. You’ll get to taste some of the freshest Thai-inspired cuisine here, flavors embracing the tropical nature of this side of Thailand. Meet the chef and get a true taste of the region.

With several other properties throughout Thailand, including more on these three immaculate islands, Anantara Resorts and AVANI Resorts elevate the beach getaway with unique amenities and a setting that is truly incomparable – a paradise that is rich in culture, experiences, and luxury.

Thailand has many identities, and a beach paradise is one of them. Contact a Travel Advisor to experience Thailand’s island side.