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Cruising The Haven & Suites

Aug 23, 2019

What makes sailing Norwegian’s Suites and The Haven so sweet? In a word: everything. Discover perks and details you can take advantage of with Norwegian Cruise Line for an elevated luxury experience at sea.

In a world where every cruise line offers special perks for their suite guests, no other cruise line matches the comprehensive offerings on Norwegian. If you’re looking to enjoy pampering and perks on your next cruise vacation, they’ve got that and much more. From the moment you arrive at your embarkation port, until you’re departing on disembarkation day, you’ll discover a level of service and benefits that make your cruise vacation stress-free, and that truly puts the “sweet” in suite living!

Before You Cruise

The pampering begins about 45 days before your sailing, when you receive your welcome letter from the pre-cruise concierge service. With one quick phone call or email, you can arrange for a variety of special requests which will be handled before you even arrive onboard the ship.

Would you like a special pillow, or perhaps you’re a fan of chamomile tea? No problem. Maybe you only drink milk with your coffee? If so, they’ll have a pitcher of milk waiting in your mini-fridge. Perhaps you’d like to start off your first sea day with a massage and facial at the cruise spa; they’ll arrange that, or specialty dining reservations, shore excursions, and other requests. Inside the letter, you’ll also find pre-printed self-adhesive priority luggage tags as a special touch.

Checking In

Picture yourself arriving at the port where you’ll encounter the commotion of people disembarking, arriving to embark, porters and cabbies and busses everywhere. You enter the cruise terminal and immediately the commotion ceases as you’re directed to the Suites & Haven check-in lounge, where you’ll find yourself quickly checked-in, keycard in hand, and relaxing with a cup of coffee and some pastry or a sandwich from the small buffet set up in the lounge.

Before long you’ll be escorted onboard by the Concierge Staff or one of the ship’s Butlers, and you’ll enjoy lunch in the private Haven restaurant or in the designated suites-only breakfast and lunch dining venue. This is the moment when you realize that you’re not going to wait in a line of any kind for the duration of your cruise; you’re going to enjoy a superior menu every day, and your Concierge and their staff are right there ready to handle whatever you need.

After a wonderful lunch and a conversation with the Concierge to make some specialty dining reservations, or to arrange for shore excursions, show reservations, or to book those spa treatments you’ve been dreaming about, you’re off to explore your suite.

In Your Suite

You slide that keycard into the slot and open the door to your private paradise where you’ll be greeted with fresh flowers on the table, a bowl of fresh fruit, a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne chilled on ice, and either a Nespresso or Lavazza coffee/cappuccino/espresso machine. Your Butler will have stocked your suite with stemware, flatware, tableware, and napkins, along with supplies for your coffee and tea, etc.

If you’ve made any special requests via the pre-cruise concierge service, you’ll find that special pillow is already on your bed, or that pitcher of juice is already in your mini-fridge. On the table, you’ll find a plate of fresh chocolate-covered strawberries, alongside your Invitation to a private cocktail reception with the ship’s Captain and Senior Officers, exclusively for Suite and Haven guests.  You’ll also find a special pressing service offer, to help with all those packing wrinkles.

The elevated experience for Suite and Haven guests is truly unrivaled. Contact a Travel Advisor today to start your luxury cruise experience with Norwegian Cruise Line.