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Best Day Ever: Medellín

Sep 11, 2018

Medellín, Colombia is a stunning hillside city referred to as the City of Eternal Spring due to its perfect climate. A bustling working town, with businesses and a fast-pace, Medellín also boasts a vibrant nightlife and plenty to see and do by day.  

Wake up at Hotel Dann Carlton Medellín for luxury in the heart of one of Medellín’s most exclusive areas. Two hundred recently remodeled rooms offer a modern take on a classic city, with great food, swimming pools, fitness center, and other services in a prime location. The rooms are truly magnificent and the epitome of luxury. The hotel’s included breakfast buffet features some of the freshest fruits you’ll ever have including some unique specifically to that area of Colombia, plus rice and beans stew, eggs, bacon, and phenomenal tamales.  

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Following breakfast, take a cable car to the very heights of Medellín at Parque Arvi, a national park at the very top of the city. Enjoy a walk through the forest and lunch, and then catch a bus back into town. Be sure to eat some Bandeja Paisa, a classic Colombian dish that is hearty and perfect after a hike or long walk.

In town, immerse yourself into the Medellín lifestyle. The hustle and bustle is equally matched by incredibly warm and kind people, plus inviting bars and restaurants great for a couple of beers and complimentary popcorn and cut up fruit. Also, if you’re in need of a touch up, the many barber shops in town offer a fresh cut and a cool experience. 

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Shopping in Envigado Town is another great way to spend some time. Definitely bring home some handmade jewelry and accessories to always have something to remember this unique city. When night comes, do as the locals do and have some fun. Walk along an almost endless number of bars and restaurants in the Parque Lleras district, and enjoy a great dinner at a spot playing fantastic live music.

For a nightcap, Son Havana Salsa club will serve up some local Aguardiente and Ron Medellín rum. Even if you’re getting tired, you’ll want to dance the salsa along with the locals to the exuberant sounds of the live band. 

Make Medellín your next unique getaway, where luxury intersects with culture to create an experience not quite like any other, and one you’ll never forget.