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America the Beautiful

Aug 24, 2018

America’s great outdoors rival any region’s natural beauty. And these four national parks might be our favorites.

Bryce Canyon

Though the Grand Canyon is obviously a must-visit, one can easily argue that Bryce Canyon is just as mesmerizing, and definitely unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This natural spectacle is truly otherworldly, thanks to those fascinating hoodoos, totem-shaped spires of rock rising up from within the canyon. Literally nowhere else in the world quite has hoodoos like this. Ideal for that unforgettable hike of a lifetime, this Utah park is our canyon pick.

Grand Teton

Famous for those high peaks – Middle Teton, Grand Teton, and Mount Owen – this national park in Wyoming also boasts the mountain-reflecting Snake River, fascinating wildlife, and picture-perfect alpine landscapes. Overlooking Jackson Hole, the highest mountain peak is a breathtaking 7,000 feet above the valley floor.


The world’s first national park – designated so in 1872 – Yellowstone stretches from Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, featuring majestic mountains, mudpots, forests, geysers, lakes, and endless wildlife. Worth visiting for the park itself and all its beauty, it’s also worth the visit for historical purposes. The entrance’s arch was constructed in 1903 with an inscription that still stands today: “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People.”


Comprised of stunning geological formations and seemingly an infinite mixed-grass prairie, the Badlands National Park ranges across 244,000 acres in South Dakota. Canyons, buttes, and gorgeous pinnacles create a fantastical scene for visitors. Perfect walking trails make a trek through the park easier, with chances at spotting amazing wildlife like bison, prairie dogs, bighorn sheep, and black-footed ferrets.

Though you can’t go wrong adventuring to any of America’s beautiful National Parks, these are sure to leave you in awe.